essence Cherry Blossom Girl collection mini review

From L to R: Fortune Cookie, Cherry Cherry Girl, My Little Kimono, It’s Peach Not Cherry and the Dreaming Under A cherry Tree eyeshadows from the essence Blossom Cherry Girl collection (available in DM)

Hello hello!

As you can see in the photo above, I’ve managed to get the new essence collection in my hands. I didn’t buy everything (but all the nail polishes …cough cough 😉  )

After reading some reviews in the net (mostly in German, since the products are being sold trough the chain DM a German company) I thought that I should give it a try and start buying products in the low price segment. I mean I love MAC, DIOR and Co. but is not something that a student can afford all the time and not only that but I have to admit that some of this products are really good, so if your budget is not that big and you still want to try something new, just check some reviews on the net or just check the products the next time you need some toothpaste for example 😉

After 4 days in my hands It’s Peach not Cherry and Essie Blanc

It was difficult to decide witch nail polish to take home because all the colors were nice and for the price (1,75€ in DM) you couldn’t do much wrong. But to be honest, for me is very difficult to find a shade that looks good with my skin color.

I am a latin woman and after enjoying the sun for several weeks I am very tanned and sometimes I think that bright, funky colors look lovely in summer as opposite in winter and pastel tones somehow don´t suit me especially during this time of the year. Another factor is that this products are target to the German market which is „supposed” to be mostly white people and most of the time the shades are to light for brown skin like mine, but more of that later.

Anyway I wasn’t that sure about taking It’s Peach Not Cherry home but after trying it on I have to admit that is a lovely shade, not as bright as Cherry Cherry Girl but also not the typical dark autumn shade. I still have to try the other ones so I might post photos later.

After mentioning the price that compared to an Essie nail polish is peanuts I wasn’t really expecting that much of quality but the formula is good, the consistency was nice, not too thick or thin and the first coat covering was also good. What really drove me crazy was how long I had to wait between coats for it to get dry and even after using Essie’s Good To Go I new that only the first layer was dry and the rest still squishy in between.

Dreaming Under A Cherry Tree eyeshadows from the Cherry Blossom Girl LE

Now to the eyeshadows. The shades are very nice especially the orange what gives a nice accent and all the other tones are warm. I can imagine all types of nice combinations and I also think it can suit a wide variety of skin shades. I haven’t tried them yet but from what I have read till now, they have good covering except the lightest shade but before I continue might as well I’ll try to use them soon and let you know how they work for me and whether the colors are still that rich in dark skin like mine.

So I hope I inspired you all to try the so called “Drogerie Markt Produkte“ and I might post some swatch photos later.


La femmeinista


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FU Berlin student (Romance phil./ Pol. Sci.) Interested in social media, gender issues,make up, politics, photo & geeky stuff.Blogging under @femme_inista


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