I’m not here to be your diversity teacher.

Lots of things have happened in the last weeks. Loads, believe me LOADS of small tiny examples that I could describe here but I’ll not because that kind of crap is not worth it. I just know that I’m not here to be nice to people who are not nice to me and specially not to fullfill the idea of the „nice“,  educated foreigner who keeps her cool everytime somebody says racist or sexist crap around me, the one who helps or contributes to a white person education or to be more specific: I’ll not be your diversity teacher, even if that reinforce your idea of the temperamental Latina or the party pooper just because I call you out on racist remarks.

People need to understand that is not okay to put their white TM mimimi feelings first. Best said on something that I found on this tumblr: my culture is not a trend and inspired by this one: microaggressions.tumblr.com

“Here’s what you need to realise about anti-racism: It’s not abou you. It’s not about your feelings as a white person. What you just said is that you’ll entertain the idea of listening to POC talk about ways they’ve been fucked over by whiteness, white privilege, and white people as long as they don’t hurt your feelings.

To put it another way: you’re saying that not having your feelings hurt is more important to you than actually trying to understand PoC’s experiences of enduring racism—which is, itself, perpetuating racism. No, maybe you didn’t partake in whatever act of racism we’re talking about in this very moment, but if you’re white, then you are benefiting from the systemic racism that allowed it to happen, whether you like it or not.
Yes, listening to the ways that your privilege fucks over other people is uncomfortable. Yes, it can be embarrassing & lead to feelings of guilt, but it is not up to People of Color to censor ourselves to spare your delicate fee-fees. If you truly want to be considered anti-racist, you need to deal with those feelings with other white people & not add to the burden of PoC’s experiences of racism by saying that you won’t take us seriously unless we’re ‘nice’ about the emotional & psychological violence that we endure simply by being PoC in a racist society.
So literally, all I want you to do is understand that being anti-oppression (of any kind) is about understanding how the oppressed group is affected & then countering those systems, activities, mindsets, etc. It’s not about you being comfortable, because if you’re doing it right, it’s not going to be comfortable.”

Just remember:

“Being Anti-Racist isn’t based on how many friends of colour you have, it’s how many of your white friends and family you are willing to talk about and call out on racism.”

That being said, now I can go back to be happy with my new Essie nail polish.


La Femmeinista


About femmeinista

FU Berlin student (Romance phil./ Pol. Sci.) Interested in social media, gender issues,make up, politics, photo & geeky stuff.Blogging under @femme_inista

One comment

  1. Hi schöner Beitrag. Ich lese sehr gerne deinen Blog,
    und teste,probiere die Sachen auch selber. Würde mich freuen
    wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischaust.

    Im not here to be your diversity teacher. femmeinista

    Danke für die Berichte.


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