NOTD cute Polka Dots manicure with Essie Aperitif & Blanc

Essie Aperitif & Blanc

Hello hello!

After trying to get some new manicure ideas by surfing on Pinterest, I remembered that I had some new pictures on my manicure boards and I saw this and thought: why not try it? (more photos after the jump)

This is the final result:


As you might notice on this close up…

the finish is quite mute. This is because since I want to wear this on the next days I decided to use a matte top coat so is more daily life / work compatible. Some of you might think that it looks quite plastic but I actually like it, is like wearing polka dots fabric on my nails.

Hope you like it!


La Femmeinista


About femmeinista

FU Berlin student (Romance phil./ Pol. Sci.) Interested in social media, gender issues,make up, politics, photo & geeky stuff.Blogging under @femme_inista


  1. I love the fact that its a matte topcoat. They have a very festive feel to them, almost like the matte is more down to earth and homey than an in your face dazzling shine. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it lol. They are lovely nonetheless 🙂


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